Where Have You Been?

You probably want to ask me that question. Or maybe you don’t. If not, I promise not to be insulted.

But just in case you were wondering why I haven’t written in so long…I’ve been busy. Writing.

That’s not to say that this blog isn’t considered “writing,” it’s just that unfortunately, with the other “writing” being PAID writing, my blog has to take a so-called back seat.

What can I say?

Money talks. I’m happy to currently be writing a magazine article for a major woman’s publication, and lots of health content for existing and new online clients. But the life of a freelance writer? It’s feast or famine. So perhaps you haven’t quite seen the last of me for a while.

But truly, I’ve missed writing here. I’ve managed to eke out a few extra minutes; right now, I’m  sitting at my desk (trying hard to be patient), earplugs at the ready, waiting for an interview source to call me at our prescribed time which I confirmed twice (he’s already five minutes late) so I can find out all about tap water. Yes…my assignments take me from writing about exciting things like sex, friendship, spas, Alzheimer’s and heart disease all the way down to the safety of tap water.

That’s where I’ve been. (I’m still waiting for the phone to ring).

So while we’re on the subject, let’s talk about being prompt. Even though I’m conscious of time, sometimes I’m late. Not by much, but by about 10 minutes or so. Just enough to claim to be “almost” on time. Maybe subconsciously I’m challenging myself to be a wee bit late so I can feel more relaxed and take pride in being “flexible.” (I know, that might sound counterintuitive, but… whatever).

But to hubby – who is always and forever prompt to the minute – even when I’m on time he insists I’m late, because to be on time to him is to be ten minutes early. And that’s the part of being a little late that is not relaxing.

Late again? Shutterstock.com

Late again?


Still with me?

I still contend, after 30-plus years of marriage, that the only things I must absolutely be on time for are trains, planes and doctor appointments. Oh, and interviews.

But in reality, when are those things ever on time? You rush to make a flight, only to find out it’s delayed for two hours due to air traffic, weather or worse. You run for the train, and wonder why you risked life and limb because all you’re doing is sitting still while the conductor chimes in with a not-so-friendly announcement, the only part you hear over the cackle of static is something like “signal problems ahead.” You get to the doctor for your 1:30 appointment and at 3:00 you’re still sitting in the waiting room. White-coat hypertension? It’s not about being nervous to see a doctor, it’s about stewing in the waiting room while no one tells you the doctor is running late.

Which reminds me, the water guy still hasn’t called and now he’s officially past my 10-minutes late threshold.

What’s that? My phone is ringing.

This is where I leave you.

It’s about time he called.






  1. I’m patient with lateness. To a point. And then I’m not.
    Carol Cassara recently posted..3 reasons people don’t watch video blogsMy Profile

  2. I’m with Carol! Missed you here, Sheryl, but am glad it’s because you’re busy with paying work. Can’t wait to read all of that, too!
    Lois Alter Mark recently posted..2 new thrillers by linda castillo and lisa unger – plus a giveaway!My Profile

  3. Good luck with all your writing assignments.
    Judy Freedman recently posted..Retiring the Art of PerfectionMy Profile

  4. I missed your pithy posts so I’m glad to read this up-date, that came just in time!
    Irene S. Levine recently posted..Market Visit: Saint Antoine Market in Lyon, FranceMy Profile

  5. I’m glad you’re so busy….look forward to reading your magazine articles. Share with us. And as for that 10-minute-early/late-thing of your hubby….my guy is the same way. Sometimes it stresses me out!
    Lisa Froman recently posted..The Invisible DayMy Profile

  6. Missed you — but I’m so happy you’re doing well professionally. There’s something so nice about getting paid.
    ruth pennebaker recently posted..A Vacation in Three ActsMy Profile

  7. I’m one of those ten minutes early people myself, but not that upset when people or transport schedules don’t agree. I bring a notebook and/or something to read, and then there’s meditation, too, which is interesting to do in busy places — and quiet ones.

    good for the paying work, glad to see you here as well.
    Kerry Dexter recently posted..Scotland’s Music: Nicola Benedetti: Homecoming — A Scottish FantasyMy Profile

  8. Congratulations on your new and continuing writing assignments. That’s just wonderful (and well-deserved)!

  9. I’m so excited for all your good news, assignments and success. I try to be on time, but if I have a fashion or beauty emergency (aka the hair is not right) all bets are off:)
    Estelle Sobel Erasmus recently posted..Our Family Trip to Camelbeach Mountain WaterparkMy Profile

  10. I’m not a crazy time-control freak. But, my husband is perpetually late. I’ve heard him on the phone, in the bathroom, telling someone that traffic is horrible but he’ll be there soon – and he hasn’t even showered yet! It does drive me a little nuts.
    Kimba recently posted..Steals, Deals, and SplurgesMy Profile

  11. I’ve got total slacker-summer brain here. Work is seriously the last thing I want to do at the moment! I guess that’s why people take vacations in August.
    Jane Boursaw recently posted..Robin Williams’ Death Casts Shadow Over ‘The Giver’ NYC PremiereMy Profile

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