Do You Moan and Groan?

Or just put up and shut up?

I got the best phone call this at around 8:00 this morning from my older son Jonathan. (Of course. when the phone rang that early, my first inclination was to think “Uh, oh. What’s wrong??” But that’s just…me. Or a lot of us, most likely).

It went something like this:

“Mom, a woman got into the elevator and another woman asked her ‘how are you?’ Oy, she said, my back, my knees…I’m having trouble walking. I’m getting so old.

Gonna turn SIXTY next week.

Mom, I’m so glad you’re so not like that.”

After smiling and loving what he said, I thought something like this:

You should only hear those so-called voices inside my head. “Damn this left knee. Wish it didn’t hurt so much.  I wonder if the spin class was a bad idea? Crap, my back hurts today – yesterday’s barre class really did me in.  I can’t believe I misplaced my keys again.

I’m turning 60 in October and I hope I never, ever come across like that woman.

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But I simply said this:

Thanks, honey. That makes me feel so good.

And it does. Because aging, while it brings many issues (I’m trying not to call them “problems”), and while it can be challenging and tough, is something I feel fortunate to be here to experience.

I remember my grandmother  – a woman who rarely never complained, even though I knew she had some physical limitations. She insisted on taking the stairs rather than the elevator and doing things like taking voice lessons when she was in her 80s. Before there was health food, she was eating it; before exercise was the thing to do, she was doing it.

That’s what I call graceful.

And that’s how I want to be.

Moaning and groaning gets yow nowhere, after all.

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  1. Rosalba Gordon says:

    Long ago I made an agreement whith a friend: Every time that one of us complain about health issues we’ll pay a dollar fine. well, through the years we have had enough money to go to good restaurants, shoping, movie theatre and so on…

    • I love that, Rosa! I guess it’s a double-edged sword: you don’t want to complain, but it’s nice to have enough money to go out and have fun, so you might have to keep complaining!

  2. Age is only a number. Pick a good one!!
    Hang around with your sons and they’ll keep you feeling young.
    Keep listening to their music and you won’t turn into a fuddy-duddy…hehe
    Age gracefully and enjoy the wisdom that comes along with it.

  3. I honestly don’t like moaning and groaning at all. But I know as we age it’s inevitable.

    Sixty? You? Ha! You are defying age, my dear. Collectively the women I know are redefining what aging looks like!
    Cathy Chester recently posted..Sharing My Writing ProcessMy Profile

  4. I hate hearing others moaning and groaning, and try not to do it myself (although, yes, occasionally I can go off on a rant!). I’m so grateful to be aging and hope I get to be a very old woman with very little to complain about!
    Lois Alter Mark recently writing process — or lack thereofMy Profile

  5. Great piece . I, too, never make age-related complaints because I think it ages you to do so.
    Estelle Erasmus recently posted..Dress Barn is My Favorite Fashion SecretMy Profile

    • Very true, Estelle. No one likes to hear someone complaining (that is, unless they’re commiserating with the other person complaining!)

  6. B and I have made a pact. We try to be nice and friendly and positive to the outside world — and to ourselves, most of the time. We will only moan and groan to each other . . . because, we joke, if we can’t complain, then what do we have to talk about all day long!?!
    Tom Sightings recently posted..Remember Her?My Profile

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